8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Will
    I hope you remember me – some time ago(late 2007 / early 2008 i lost all your contact details and, have just realised that i should be able to contact you through this. You still have crap hair mate!
    Mark Walton


  2. Dear Will,
    I am the manager of Creative Services at Red Bull Media House in Salzburg.
    2 team members of mine joined a workshop with you in 2019.
    They came back very inspired with a lot of very good feedback.
    Scriptwriting, Storytelling etc. is a development target for us not only in 2020 but I believe ongoing.
    I would like to promote this with some actions and would like to ask you if we could possibly work together somehow.
    Please let me know if it would be possible for you to have a chat about my plan.

    Thank you very much
    Best regards


  3. Look, Will, I told you back in ’85 that this copywriting dream of yours was nonsense. I guess you’re writing this blog in the hope of picking up some work. Well, good luck with that. One day you may end up an internationally respected and awarded copywriter, even a Creative Director. Keep dreaming. I still think though that you should have stayed as a junior suit on the Renault dealerships. They might even have let you write a 25×4 0% finance ad.

    Damn, you still look the same.


    • The legend that is Paul Richards! The man that knows where the Arthur McCarton stories are buried. I still find myself saying “Rather badly” at times, entirely because of you. I have these unsettling dreams about the Godfrey Davies account and yours and my Sisyphean journeys up the A41, always to be told that we hadn’t expressed ‘The Worldwide Promise’ in ways that credited the despotic chairman. It would be great to catch up. wrawdry@gmail.com


  4. Updating the Christmas card list after the virus lacuna ( you remember, coloured plastic trees every year) I’m delighted to have found you. If you’d like a physical one, this year’s is an austeritree laser cut from cheap recycled packing cardboard, let me know your address. A beer in 2023?


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